Saturday, August 17, 2013

Knot Your Grannys Square - Fundraiser ♥

Knot Your Grannys Square - By The Sea Imaginative Play

When I saw this image pop up on the facebook page of By the Sea Imaginative Play last week, I couldn't stop myself wanting to help... I have a problem like that! lol   So I put my hand up and said I'd be very happy to contribute some squares to a worthy cause.  Even better, I decided to knit them with this lovely 'Little Brown Owl' colourway wool that I'd bought earlier this year from Tangle & Stash - how appropriate.

Although the idea of knitting squares seems incredibly simple. I decided to also use this as an opportunity to learn some new knitting techniques that I'd had no reason to knit until now - rather than just knitting the same square I'd normally knit when swatching for stitch gauge.  So I went searching for some square designs.

I was intrigued by a mitred square blanket that graces our house from a grandmother, so I followed these lovely clear instructions by Dianne at Knitting Galore and created my very first mitred square!! Yes, I was excited!  It doesn't take much.

Then for something different, I followed the instructions over at KOGO (Knit One, Give One) for a Diagonal Blanket Square.  By now I was running out of time and really thinking I should be getting back to my custom orders, so I quickly knitted up a straight garter stitch square - giving me three squares to donate.  Believe me I would have done a million more, but I just couldn't this month.  Here are my finished squares:

Be sure to drop by By the Sea Imaginative Play on facebook and check out Karen's progress with sewing all these donated squares together - she's doing an amazing job!!

Lori xo

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