Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Milo Sky Canvas

You may have seen a Milo vest I recently knit for Milo Mania over at my Little Brown Owl Facebook page - in a gorgeous semi-solid blue wool that was hand-dyed by Jo at Jodulbug Creations.  The colourway is "Morning Skies", and so I envisaged a blank canvas Milo with a duplicate stitch embellishment created afterwards.  I immediately thought of the "Sky" charts from Watermellish - perhaps a puffy white cloud and a bright sun?

So when Jo from Scarlet Eve bought the Milo in the manic market, we discussed what she'd like to have embellished on it, and she decided a puffy white cloud would be pretty cool.  So I set about stitching it - basing it on the Watermellish charts, but altering it slightly to make it a little bigger.  

Then, upon seeing a progress pic of the cloud, a lovely liker on my page suggested it would be awesome with rainbow raindrops!  Thanks, Sarah ;)  lol

So with a bit more stitching, and a bit of consultation with Jo, it was decided that 5 raindrops were required - one for each member of her family - using "Hungry Caterpillar" colourway hand-dyed wool from Never Ending Obsessions.  

Here is the result, and I must say that after not really having a clue how to duplicate stitch a raindrop, I'm really quite happy with it. Thanks Jo for letting me create something special for you and your gorgeous little man. xooxo

Oh, and in case you're wondering - Milo Mania went swimmingly! No, better than swimmingly, it was MANIC!!!  So, yes - it will be back in 2014!! Bigger and better than ever!! 

Lori xo


  1. that's awesome! I've only just entered the world of knitting and a Milo vest is on my to do list!

    1. Oh, do it!! Milo was my first proper project as a knitter (after I knit a couple of dishcloths and got bored). It's a great beginner knit as you learn some new techniques, while also having a quick knit that actually looks how it's supposed to when you're finished :D