Thursday, April 25, 2013

You spin me right round baby, right round.... o.O


Wow! Two blog posts in a week! Yes, I'm going for a record! Well, not I'm not... and if I was I'd be sure to miss by a mile, but it was a nice idea!!

This is what I got up to yesterday in between eating Anzac biscuits, knitting and school and kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups:

Winding my way through the wool I really need to knit up in the next week...after I finish the project currently on my needles (which you'll get to see on the weekend)!!  I do have an overabundance of knitting projects happening right now, but I'll keep plugging away and I know I will get there :D

Here's a photo of the dreaded yarn winder I have that makes winding yarn a real chore that usually involves me yelling, growling, stomping and telling the family to leave me alone while I'm in the process of creating yarn balls.  I do need to get a new one, and I got lots of advice on that recently, so I look forward to showing you a new one as soon as I get it!!

Lori xo

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