Friday, April 26, 2013

♥ ♫♪ Hooty Birthday to Little Brown Owl ♪♫ ♥

Who doesn't love a birthday celebration?!! ♥  Today is the 3rd birthday of Little Brown Owl - three years since I decided to listen to my friends and do custom knitting for a whole bunch of lovely people I didn't know!  Wow, what a full-on, crazy, busy, hectic, fun, exciting three years it's been!!

So, what could be better than a Birthday Giveaway, just for you - all the wonderful people who have stayed with me and asked me to knit them all the things!!  Recently I was shopping a new yarn store I found on Facebook, called Tangle & Stash, as you do... and what did I find, but some hand-dyed wool in a colourway I just couldn't refuse - "Little Brown Owl".

So I snaffled it up and tried to figure out how I could use this lovely unisex yarn to create a prize for someone... Now, my time at the moment is pretty limited as I have a whole bunch of woolly orders coming up to winter, some gifts to knit, showcases to knit for, a family who all need jumpers and cardigans for winter and a 4yo who wants "sparkly socks" for her upcoming birthday!

So, here's the plan... rather than me knit something and it be the wrong size, I'm offering up a FREE custom spot as a prize to a randomly chosen entrant using this OOAK "Little Brown Owl" wool from Tangle & Stash!!!  AND - the winner gets to choose what they'd like knitted with it!  Perhaps you'd love a Milo vest, or a Hot Shot vestee, a Mud Puddles, or a Tama.  The options are almost endless - but please check out my available styles - here - and see what you like the look of!!  Sorry, I know there's a lot of choice! lol

So, what do you have to do?  Simple!  Like my Facebook page - Little Brown Owl, follow this blog, and comment below saying which style and approximate size you'd like to win (size will be confirmed with the winner following the draw).  Entries will close 8.30pm AEST Tuesday 30th April 2013.  I will use to choose the winner.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!!

***Important Edit***: I have about 434m of this DK/8ply machine-wash wool available here to use (although I may also be able to find a matching trim colour in my stash), therefore some larger garments won't be possible, nor would workable cloth nappy covers be possible (due to the machine-wash treatment of the wool).  If you're not sure if a pattern will work, please ask - and if I notice anything in the comments that isn't possible I'll let you know so you can make an alternative choice.

I can't wait to see what you choose to have knitted with this - good luck!!! :D

Lori xo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You spin me right round baby, right round.... o.O


Wow! Two blog posts in a week! Yes, I'm going for a record! Well, not I'm not... and if I was I'd be sure to miss by a mile, but it was a nice idea!!

This is what I got up to yesterday in between eating Anzac biscuits, knitting and school and kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups:

Winding my way through the wool I really need to knit up in the next week...after I finish the project currently on my needles (which you'll get to see on the weekend)!!  I do have an overabundance of knitting projects happening right now, but I'll keep plugging away and I know I will get there :D

Here's a photo of the dreaded yarn winder I have that makes winding yarn a real chore that usually involves me yelling, growling, stomping and telling the family to leave me alone while I'm in the process of creating yarn balls.  I do need to get a new one, and I got lots of advice on that recently, so I look forward to showing you a new one as soon as I get it!!

Lori xo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anzac Biscuits with the Owlets

This week on Thursday April 25th it's ANZAC Day here in Australia - a special national day commemorating major military action by Australian and New Zealand troops in World War I.  For those of you not from this part of the world, we also have a very yummy biscuit to mark the day - Anzac Biscuits.  Did I mention they were YUM?!! 

Our littlest owlet is helping make Anzac Biscuits at kindergarten tomorrow, however as she is on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet she unfortunately won't be able to help eat them :(  So today we are making our own Anzac Biscuits using our fabulous Thermomix and this recipe.

We substituted Nuttelex for the butter, and our own gluten-free flour mix for the plain flour.  This time around the flour mix consisted of sorghum flour, tapioca starch, rice flour and xanthan gum.  

The biscuits were perhaps a little on the runner side than I would have liked and they spread a bit too much.  At first I thought we needed more flour or less liquid next time around, but as the last bit of mixture sat in the bowl waiting for a free oven tray it firmed up.  Next time I'll either put the mixture in the fridge before cooking or just let it sit there for a while first. 

So were they a success?  Um, well I guess the fact that Mr Owl devoured them (he has a thing against gf/df/everything-free food) and that there are only about 6 left from the batch of about 2 dozen means that the taste test was a huge success!!  And that Miss 4 can proudly take her home-made Anzac Biscuits to Kinder tomorrow and feel a part of it all.

Lori xo