Monday, December 31, 2012

~ Bind off 2012...Cast on 2013 ~

What a knitting year! My crafty hands have been the busiest they've ever been, and even then I feel like I should have knitted more :P  I've completed about 65 projects and have 4 currently sitting as WIPs (work in progress) to be completed in the New Year. 

In total I have managed to knit my way through 12,900 metres (14,701 yards) of yarn this year - my aim was at least 12km (although I was secretly hoping for 13km... but I just really need to sleep tonight, so I don't think I can do the last 100m!), so I'm pretty pleased to have broken through that number!!  I've heard about people running that far all that is a mystery to me... hmmm, maybe that should be something to aim for next year! lol  Hey, I could knit 12km while running 12km!!  Now it's just getting ridiculous. Can you tell I'm tired? ;)

Following on from this year of knitting, I now have custom knitting bookings already keeping me busy up to July!!  However, there is one big difference this year to next year - I have actually made space in my calendar for myself and my own friends and family.  I look forward to sharing my new year of knitting and creating with you - a lot of it will be personal, selfish creating, so I hope you don't mind ;)

Another aim I have for 2013 is to spend more time crafting with my two girls. They both now have a yarn stash and are keen to get knitting - but I just never seem to have any relaxed knitting time to teach them - I'm always rushing off to finish the next order.  I'm very much looking forward to sharing their crafting journeys with you in the coming months.

I'll leave you with a snap-shot of my favourite knitting projects for the year; thank you so much for being a part of it with me.  Happy New Year!!!! ♥

Lori xo

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