Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spring Picnic ♥

What better excuse do I have to blog about something than a beautiful Spring day and some new furniture out on our back deck so we can actually be out here enjoying it! :D  

We've only lived here for almost 5 years *insert sarcastic eye roll here* rather than just keep talking about it, we thought it was about time to actually get a table & chairs so we can eat, work & craft outside! lol  So this morning, Miss 4 and I christened our new (to us) additions with an alfresco morning tea of fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers, and two hot cups of tea (yes, and some bubble mix!).  Now I'm still sitting out here blogging about it, but domestic duties call... and a whole lot of knitting :D

Have a gorgeous day, wherever you are ♥

Lori xo

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