Saturday, October 27, 2012

School Camp = Cooking time!

My biggest owlet was off to school camp yesterday!!  For an almost 7 year-old that means a sleep-over at school with all her school friends.  Was she excited?  You betcha'!!  Was she going to miss us? Absolutely!  Was I going to miss her?  Well... yeah, actually I thought I probably would :D  This is the second year she's done this - as a lead-up to school camps in older grades where they go outside of the school.  I must admit it was a little unnerving to drop my child at school this morning knowing I wouldn't be picking her up for 24 hours...but when I realised I would probably be getting a full night's sleep that night, I quickly perked up :D  Good thing, too - I ended up getting about 11 hours of uninterrupted snooze time!!!

Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafer from http://glutenfreecooking.about.comSo, what's all this about cooking you ask (pssst, it's in the title ^)?  Well, food intolerance rules in our household, so whenever there's a birthday party or basically if the owlets leave home and will require to be fed while they are out, beforehand I lock myself in the kitchen and go crazy!  

 Let's face it - I could just as easily have popped into my local supermarket (IGA is about my favourite for gluten/dairy free foods & ingredients) and grab some sorbet, bread, marshmallows, biscuits and rice milk, but that would require leaving the house (it was cold and wet and I was really tired after a big night last night - Mumford & Sons concert in Melbourne, if you must know!), and it would also have cost more.  Plus there would be all these added ingredients that I would prefer weren't included.

Chia Seed, Buckwheat & Quinoa Bread from, in my half-awake stupor (I'm so glad I went to bed at 8.30pm that night), here's what was on the menu:
  • Bread (first time using this recipe - it didn't rise enough, but it sufficed);
  • Banana Ice-cream (simply whizzing up frozen banana pieces in the Thermomix);
  • Biscuits & Marshmallows (for S'mores).  Pity the gelatine mix didn't thicken for the marshmallows as I was really looking forward to making those :(   

Oh, and just because I'd opened a 2.something litre can of coconut milk (yeah - it's HUGE!) I also decided I'd make some Coconut Milk Yoghurt as we're just about out of that, too.  What is it with children needing to eat so much!?!

Well, the yoghurt was also a flop (not sure why) - when I opened that today it smelt somewhat like a cross between old socks and cheese :(  Oh yeah, it was bad!  I'm guessing it had something to do with me being so tired while trying to cook - perhaps I should have just made a dash to the supermarket, then had a nap instead of trying to be supermum! lol  Anyway, here's the food stash that made its way to school to keep her alive - pardon the cling wrap on the biscuits, I'd totally run out of small Tupperware by then!

Owlet's lunchbox full of food!

So I had a great night's sleep, the big owlet had a great night with her friends, the small owlet had a great night because it was her bedroom I fell asleep in when I put her to bed, and poor Daddy Owl had the big bed to himself... I bet he stretched out diagonally - who wouldn't? ;)

Lori xo

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