Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blocking Buninyong

This blog post is written especially for a lovely friend of mine who wanted to know how I blocked out a lace scarf that I recently knitted.  Another friend of mine just turned 40 (and shall remain nameless as apparently a lady never reveals her age - oh, and it wasn't me!) and I decided to finally knit my first ever scarf!  I had figured at the start of my knitting career (3 years ago) that scarves weren't something I could knit... they obviously required huge buckets of patience; something I just didn't believe I had.  It's not so much about the length, but more about the massive amount of repetition involved!  I'm not great with repetition... unless it's on my terms! lol

So I set about finding a scarf pattern that would hold my interest and that I could successfully knit in 3 days!  Oops, left it a little until the last minute, didn't I!!  Well, 3 days turned into 4, but I did get it knit, washed, blocked and dried (I may have employed the help of a hairdryer for that last step) in time for the party! Yay, me!! :P

The pattern I used was Buninyong by Georgie Hallam (tiKKi), and I have to admit that I absolutely loved it!  I will also admit that next time I knit one (yes, there will definitely be a next time) I'm going to do it over a longer period of time than 4 day.  Space all those repeats out a bit. Yes, the repetition was a slight issue for me, but seriously I really did enjoy this project - thanks so much for yet another awesome pattern, Georgie! ♥

Oh, so Tami!!  That's right, you are the reason I write this blog post... I must get back to the subject at hand.  I know you're wanting to block your Buninyong scarf, too.  So give it a warm bath (you used WOOLganic wool, too so be gentle with it), a gentle squeeze (I also roll it in a towel and stand on it to get extra water out) and then pin in out something like this:

I borrowed the Owlets' foam hopscotch mat/floor puzzle thingamy and laid the scarf down and gently pulled it out flat, pinning every couple of inches or so to hold it in place.  I didn't block it hard, I just opened the lacework up and pinned out like that :)   I should have left it to dry in the shade for a day or two, but I was short on time, so I used the hairdryer on a cool/warm setting towards the end (when I just had to get it wrapped and get out the door!! :D

Hope that helps!!  Happy blocking - happy scarf-wearing!

Lori xo


  1. I love this scarf..can i ask what colour this was if you remeber? Is it Gaia by woolganic? Thank you -sara

    1. Hi Sara! Sorry, this comment was hidden, and I only just saw it :P Yes, this is 'Gaia' colourway by Woolganic :) Such a warm, snuggly colour :D