Monday, August 20, 2012

Knit one, purl one, cry bucketloads ♥

I think I can honestly say that never before has knitting made me cry.  Today, though is a different - today is the day a family has to say their final good-byes to their little girl.  Ten long-but-short days ago 16 month old Sage passed away unexpectedly in her sleep.  Today - as I write this - it is her funeral and today I will cast-on in her memory.
When I heard about an auction being run by Taken Too Soon (created to provide financial assistance to families who experience the loss of a child, including Sage's family), I realised I had this gorgeous wool in my stash that I had bought a few months prior from Sage's Mum (a fellow knitter).  She had planned to knit Sage some longies with it, but had then stopped using cloth nappies, so no longer needed to knit them.  The colourway is 'Squishy Face' and Sage's nickname was Squishy - so it just makes it all the more appropriate that I do this.

Family Roots Oragnic Bulky 'Squishy Face'

My eyes well up as I read the pattern, I shed a tear as I choose my knitting needles, and as I knit the stitches and picture her smiling face and imagine the incredible grief in the heart of her family and friends I realise I'm going to need the tissue box right next to me until I finish knitting.   I hope that by the time I finish this project that my heart will be made stronger, and that my small contribution can assist Lee and her family at this most difficult time.

Fly free today, Sage.  So many people are sending you and your family love ♥

Lori xo