Friday, May 18, 2012

...and the winner is...!!!

Apologies for the delay in posting this!  I had drawn and announced the winner on our Facebook page, however I also meant to update here.... so here it is  :D

On Monday night 14th May, I went to visit the old friend and here's what it told me:

Soooooo, the winner of our 1000 likers + 2 years Giveaway iiiiiis...........

Lori Pavic!!!!!

Here is what she has winging its way across the country to her right now - along with some gorgeous Vanilla Bean scented Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray:

Thank you all so much for joining in on our Giveaway - I'm now making a decision about the future of the Kaia Babydoll Dress that was the other prize option in the Giveaway.  I'm thinking of donating it to a charity auction, or even auctioning it on our Facebook page and donating the money to charity.  I'd love to have your thoughts and ideas! :D

Lori xo

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