Friday, May 25, 2012

Washing Autumn Away!

Wow!  What a wild, windy and wet day we are having today in Ballarat (and in so many other places around Victoria)!!  It's been such a cold Autumn, and now today the rain had arrived in one big dump.  We've had almost 40mm of rain so far... I think it's finally stopped.  So many puddles laying about and the wind is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g, but the garden & the oat crop will be loving this rain.  As does my gorgeous little girl (who is just about to turn 4!!! What??!!!):

So while she has fun jumping in puddles (for 5 minutes until I bundle her back inside), I'm quite happy to snuggle on the couch with a blanket, hot cup of tea and my knitting.  Here's something I whipped up today for another little girl, Pepper who's just had her 1st Birthday (I think that deserved a capital 'B').  This earflap hat design is so fantastically unique and simply genius!  It's Reid by Shannon Passmore of Crafty Desires (knit it in DK, worsted or bulky).  I really do love knitting with awesome wool (who doesn't) and this wool really was awesome - Family Roots Willow Merino in 'Grapefruit Love' and trim:

Reid Hat by Shannon Passmore handknit in Family Roots Willow Merino 'Grapefruit Love'

Stay warm (or cool... depending on where you are right now... or what time of the year you read this...)!!

Lori xo

Friday, May 18, 2012

...and the winner is...!!!

Apologies for the delay in posting this!  I had drawn and announced the winner on our Facebook page, however I also meant to update here.... so here it is  :D

On Monday night 14th May, I went to visit the old friend and here's what it told me:

Soooooo, the winner of our 1000 likers + 2 years Giveaway iiiiiis...........

Lori Pavic!!!!!

Here is what she has winging its way across the country to her right now - along with some gorgeous Vanilla Bean scented Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray:

Thank you all so much for joining in on our Giveaway - I'm now making a decision about the future of the Kaia Babydoll Dress that was the other prize option in the Giveaway.  I'm thinking of donating it to a charity auction, or even auctioning it on our Facebook page and donating the money to charity.  I'd love to have your thoughts and ideas! :D

Lori xo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1000 likers + 2 years Giveaway!!!

Wow, we are finally there!!! After much knitting and anticipation (and patience on all your behalves), I have a giveaway on offer to show my appreciation for your support since Little Brown Owl started 2 years ago.  The decision to share my crafting passion has led to me meeting so many lovely, friendly people - other WAHMs as well as those who don't make, but support those who do.  So, to say thank you I have two giveaway options. 

The first one is for the little girl in your life.  A size 2-3 Kaia Babydoll Dress hand-knit in gorgeous Lollytree Yarn Gaia Bulky 100% hand-dyed wool.  

This will fit up to about a 55cm chest, length is 50cm from shoulder to hem, and as you can see it fits my slim almost-4yo perfectly.  

The ribbon can be tied to the side or at the back if those little fingers like to keep untying it, and the beautifully variegated skirt yarn is finished with the trim colourway knit in a girly lace.

A warm, snuggly addition to any little girl's Winter wardrobe layered over a top & tights, or worn by itself on those cooler Autumn and Spring days.

Please note, I'm not giving this girl away!   :D

For those of you with a little boy or tomboy,  you can choose to be in the chance to win these cool Ultimate Shorties!!   Size Large - to fit approximately 10-14kg, waist: 42cm; bum (over nappy): 54cm; rise: 46cm.  Hand-knit in sturdy evoke hand-dyed yarn Australian Polwarth Merino 12ply with a drawstring ribbed waistband, these would be perfect for the active toddler in a warmer climate/season or through Winter layered with legwarmers.   They come pre-lanolised with Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray in the scent of your choice (from a list of in-stock scents) PLUS I'll send the chosen lanolin along with the shorties!

So, here are the rules:

  • Like our Facebook page (if you haven't already)
  • Comment below with whether you'd prefer to win the Kaia Babydoll Dress or the Ultimate Shorties & Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray
  • Entry to this Giveaway closes at 8.30pm AEST Monday 14th May 2012
  • A winner will be chosen using and announced in a blog post by 9pm AEST Monday 14th May 2012 (barring sick children & other catastrophes of the Mum variety!)

Thanks so much to you all, and good luck!!!  :D

Lori xo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Sago on this Tuesday!

I find it rather apt that this afternoon, being a Tuesday I paid my good friend Sonya a visit and was privileged enough to not only sit on her new gorgeous leather the-size-of-Argentina sofa (this was no couch - this was something you could calmly recline on whilst floating away from a sinking ship!), but to also grace the old school house which is now the studio for Sago on Tuesdays.  Perhaps I should have requested a bowl of pudding whilst there...hmmm...
Sago on Tuesdays hand bound journal. Photo credit: Sonya Macdonald
Today began my journey to have Sonya make for me two very special journals that are one day destined to be in the hands of my two children - when they are no longer small children, but perhaps have children of their own.  Something that has been in my mind for such a long time, and how serendipitous that life has now led me to an incredibly talented binder and crafter who can create for us so much more than just a mass-produced notebook to write in.   

The contents will be important and special thoughts, quotes, memories, and life lessons for my girls, and when the time is right for them they can read the words and run their hands over the fine pages and know where they came from.

As you can see in these images, her work is exquisite.  Now comes the hard task for me of choosing a style (although I already know I'm rather fond of the soft leather wrap journals such as you see above) and all the design details (you know - the paper choices, whether to add album pages or not, to get a matching keepsake box or not... the choices are endless).

I'll let you know how I go and how the final journals look...and feel and smell...  The story of the journals being made will also form part of the story that is written on the pages, and that makes it all the more special.

Lori xo