Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Starting in the Middle

Welcome on this incredibly windy Autumnal Equinox (at least where this little brown owl resides!) to the start of our blog!  The mid-point of our Australian Autumn, and 2 years since I first lay awake half the night pondering a unique yet appropriate name for my new venture.  

From such pondering and, probably more importantly, two years of constant knitting, Little Brown Owl has grown to what it is now - with so much support from the wonderful people out there in the real world who keep requesting that I knit or sew something for them or the little people in their lives (you know who you are!!)...while my two girls keep asking, "Is that for me, Mum?".

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Lori - SAHM to two amazing little women Miss 6 & Miss 3, wife to a career firefighter (shift work, yay! Hmmm, lol) and joint caretaker to all the crazy animals on our property.  I knit, sew and attempt to resist the call of many other crafts while trying to spend more time creating a somewhat self-sufficient lifestyle in our own backyard.

I really look forward to sharing with you our continuing work, our love of our crafts, some insights into the people creating the stitches, and the forever overwhelming and seemingly endless number of organisations that I know would benefit from our time and craft to help those who need it most.  I have tons of ideas in my head for future blog posts, but if you ever have a special request I might just oblige :D

Until next time, keep crafting!

Lori xo


  1. Welcome to Blogsville, Lori. :D
    So glad we get to see your lovely knits and hear your yarns. (get it - yarns!!!!?) [able to ROFL, being the only one home and a bit desperate for chuckle material]


  2. Thanks, Sonya - for the welcome and for that hilarious pun! ;) I hope you found some more chuckles while you were home alone. :)