Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scarlett's Sunshine & Indianna's Sunrise...

It's such a sunny day today!  Well... perhaps in my knitting basket it is!!  Not so much in the outside world, though.  So in an attempt to wake myself up I'm reaching into that basket and taking out the brightest, loveliest knitting projects I have :D

Something to brighten up the dullest of days - Miss Scarlett's Little Butterflies from one of my favourite designers tiKKi, in gorgeous 'Sunshine' by the ever-talented Tammy of Never Ending Obsessions.  This is one of those knitting patterns that makes you feel so clever as you knit along and little butterflies start appearing and flying about (okay, so maybe the flying part was just a dream....)!  I don't currently have a license to sell this design, this is a gift, but I'm loving it so much I wanted to share it with you.

This is knit top-down, so you can see the neckline and beginning of the round yoke of the cardigan.

Here's a little close of up some of those cute little butterflies... flitter, flutter:

Not to be outdone by the sunshine is a most amazing 'Sunrise' - soft and squishy yarn hand-dyed by Susannah of Parrot Pants Hand Knits being knitted into an IvyAnna for Miss Indianna.  I couldn't quite seem to capture the intensity of the colours on the yarn (that pink should be hot pink!), but this gives you an idea.  I just can't wait to see this one in all its glory once finished :D

This is also knit top-down. Here you see a round yoke, which doubles as shoulder straps, and the start of the back.

I hope you're having a bright and sunny day, wherever you are.

Lori xo

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